Notes & Queries

I was in the library and I saw a series of books called Notes and Queries. If I had a British podcast I’d call it “Notes & Queries”. I would have respected gentlemen on to dissect the issues of the day while enjoying high tea and scones. The first part of the podcast would be designated “Notes” while the later part would be designated “Queries”. The “Notes” section would deal with my thoughts for the week and the “Queries” part would be questions submitted to the panel from the audience.
I don’t really have a lot going on in my life right now. I really need you to get behind me on this whole podcast idea. I expect you all to be honing your accents.


One thought on “Notes & Queries

  1. I like this. I like this a lot. I volunteer as the NZ-accented contingent if you need one. Some of the other sheep-fuckers tell me I sound articulate on the phone, which I think is nice. We like pretending that British stuff is our business too, at least sometimes, I guess.
    And it’s easy to talk like this.
    It just consists of puking out your vowels until Australians make fun of you and ask you to say certain words while they laugh with their mouths full. Viewing of supplementary films containing tiny bearded men and maybe even a pointedly British-accented (Benedict Cumberbatch. That name alone is so god-damned proper) dragon – that’s optional. For good measure.
    Also, I’m good at rambling.
    Good day to you, sir.

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